4 Steps To Finding A Job As A Dental Assistant

One of the most crucial steps to becoming a dental assistant is to find a job in the dental field. Unfortunately, job hunting can be a frustrating and complicated process.

To help you get a leg up in the job hunting process, here are four things you should consider to be competitive in the dental assisting job market.

  1. Organize your resume. While you’re still in dental school or you’re finishing dental school, start organizing your resume in preparation for job hunting. Have a grammar-minded friend or a professor proofread your resume for errors, presentation, and formatting inconsistencies. You want to tailor your resume to the jobs you’re applying for, so include relevant work and volunteer experience.
  2. Clean up your social media. Employers will check out your social media pages not only...
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What Are Dental Implants?

There are many reasons why someone would need a dental implant. As part of our dental clinic in Lincoln, NE, we see our patients get dental implants frequently. In fact, there are an estimated 3 million people in America who have dental implants, and that number grows about 500,000 more every year. So what exactly is a dental implant and why might you need one?

A majority of patients who receive a dental implant do so to replace missing teeth. And missing a few teeth isn’t all uncommon either: according to the American College of Prosthodontists, over 35 million Americans have teeth missing.

You could be missing teeth for a number of reasons, such as injury or illness, tooth removal due to an infection or tooth decay, or even due to medications, but a dental implant performed by a profes...

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The Importance Of Maintaining Your Dental Appointments

Making an appointment to visit the dentist can be a difficult thing for many individuals to do. For an appointment can be so vital for so many people there should not be so much hesitation on the matter. If you are one of those people who fear dental care it might be time to truly think about how these dentists can benefit you and make that smile of yours something that you’re more than proud enough to show off and share with those around you. From things such as invisalign to caps and teeth that help you with chewing and everything else, there are reasons to visit the dentist for everyone. Here are a couple of those reasons.

Been searching for invisalign providers?

If you’re one of the people who have been looking into teeth straightening that is painless and without the metal mouth that you may have had during your high school years than it is invisalign that you have been looking for. Rather than looking any further for an invisalign provider you should consider

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3 Reasons to Try Tartar Removing Dental Gel

It happens without you even realizing it. Within one to three days, the plaque on your teeth begins turning into tartar. To help prevent this from occurring, the majority of us brush our teeth with our favorite brand of tartar removing toothpaste. However, we can now do even more to fight tartar build-up thanks to the development of tartar removing dental gels. Dentistry IQ explains three reasons why you should consider trying them.

1. They’re Safe to Use.

Plaque removal dental gels do not contain harmful abrasive ingredients, foaming substances, or detergents that are sometimes found in conventional brands of toothpaste. Because of that, you can have peace of mind knowing that these products are safe and gentle for you to use on your teeth.

Rather than using harsh ingredients and mechanical toothbrush action to get the job done, dental gels work by gently dissolving plaque on the surface of your teeth.

2. They’re Effective.

Dental gel is significant

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The Right Dentist for an American Adult

Many Americans care a great deal about their dental health; after all, a mouth of healthy and attractive teeth may be a point of pride and feel comfortable. By contrast, tooth decay or damaged teeth may cause a lot of pain and distress, and the person may need to visit their dentist or a family dentist for surgery or even tooth removal. Good dental hygiene may lower the risks of tooth decay, and anyone, young or old, is encouraged to practice good hygiene to prevent tooth decay and other harmful problems in their mouths. Adults and kids alike can practice proper hygiene to prevent tooth decay or trauma to the teeth, and adults may visit their dentist for anything from a checkup to dentures to tooth extraction. What is there to know?

Tooth Surgery

Sometimes, an adult may visit the dentist’s office just for a regular checkup and cleaning, a low-risk and

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Take Back Your Social Life With A New Smile!

It is normal to feel incredibly self-conscious about your teeth. Adults day in and day out feel embarrassed of the condition of their teeth, whether warranted or not. Many individuals go as far as to avoid social gatherings, even feeling great amounts of anxiety. And it is completely normal! Your smile is one of the first features an individual may notice so it is only natural to feel like changing that for a better first impression. Luckily, there are a surprising number of options an individual can invest in for the smile they feel the most comfortable and confident with.

Let us start with the less severe method for the least amount of work wanted: teeth whitening. Teeth whitening has been popular for as long as its been used. Stains on your teeth fall under two categories: extrinsic or intrinsic. Have stains that are rooted deep in your teeth? Those are intrinsic stains. Have stains that are only on the surfa

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When to Visit the Dentist

Most Americans care greatly about the health of their teeth, and many of them visit the dentist regularly for checkups or other procedures. After all, a person may take great pride in his or her teeth, and discolored, crooked, or missing teeth may be embarrassing and harm a porson’s social prowess. Besides that, major tooth problems may be very painful and distressing, and no one wants to loose their teeth. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to remove a tooth if it is infected. A dentist may remove a tooth if it is what’s known as a “wisdom tooth.” Dental implants are another common reason to visit the dentist’s office, and dental implant surgery may be done. When is it time to remove a tooth?

Major Surgery for Teeth

Sometimes, a patient at the dentist’s may need only a checkup and routine cleaning. Other times, a patient may need more invasive procedures done. A root canal is one such procedure, but a root canal is not the painful and scary procedure that some Ameri

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Take Care of Your Teeth or You’ll Have To Replace Them

Taking care of your teeth isn’t that hard, but it’s something a fair amount of people fail to do. Even though it’s recommended that you visit a dentist at least once a year — preferably twice, the average time people go between dental visits is three years. There are a number of reasons for this. Some people have no dental insurance and have trouble affording dental care. Others have an irrational fear of the dentist and avoid visiting unless absolutely necessary. And still others simply let it slip their mind.

The consequences of failing to see the dentist can be many. It’s estimated that 20% of the U.S. population has untreated cavities, which can lead to even bigger problems of they do not get taken care of. Cavities and other dental issues that don’t get treated can lose to tooth loss. Most people don’t just lose one tooth. People who don’t take care of their teeth often winding up l

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Are You Interested in a Dental Career?

When you were first out of college with your business degree, there were any number of jobs that you could have applies for. As luck would have it, however, you ended up applying for a dental office manager position because it meant that you would never have to work evenings or weekends. You never knew that five years ago when you sent in that application that you would now be helping open a second office, as well as being in charge of all the hiring that office would require.

Along with the great experience and the great working environment, you also now have the greatest smile. Kind of like when new hair stylists want to practice their latest techniques, you find yourself getting your teeth cleaned more often than ever. In addition, you have also had the advantage of getting to try other new products as well. The latest, a teeth whitening tray that the certified dental technician wanted to practice wi

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5 Reasons to See Your Dentist Regularly

Americans care a lot about how their teeth look. It has been estimated that more than 94% of people in the United States think bad looking teeth can have a negative impact on their social and romantic lives. Another 74% say this problem can lead to problems with their career. Despite all of this, many people around the country do not go to the dentist every six months as recommended, says a dentist in Coral Gables Miami. There are a number of reasons it is a good idea to make time for these appointments as they can help people live healthier lives.

  1. You can be screened for oral cancer. There are a number of ways this serious problem can manifest itself. When you take the time to visit a dentist in Coral Gables Miami, or elsewhere, you can get a professional oral cancer screening that can save your life. The earlier any kind of cancer is detected, the better the chances are of a full recovery. Oral cancer can be very easy to treat when it is caught very early on. The prof
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