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The Importance of Regular Comprehensive Dental Exams to Avoid and Address Periodontal Disease

Functional bridges

Do you believe that your smile is important socially? A recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed that this was the case with 99.7% of its respondents.

Unfortunately, approximately 74% of people in the United States experience some level of periodontal disease. This, as you may be aware, can be quite painful as it affects the gums, roots, and often results in tooth loss.

While this condition can occur with men as well as women, it is more common in men. Furthermore, while individuals from all socio-economic brackets can develop gum disease, it is more common with those that live under the federal poverty level. It is also prevalent with individuals that didn’t complete high school as well as smokers.

For all adults 30 and over, data suggests that 47.2% of

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