Daily Archives March 1, 2019

Take Care of Your Teeth or You’ll Have To Replace Them

Taking care of your teeth isn’t that hard, but it’s something a fair amount of people fail to do. Even though it’s recommended that you visit a dentist at least once a year — preferably twice, the average time people go between dental visits is three years. There are a number of reasons for this. Some people have no dental insurance and have trouble affording dental care. Others have an irrational fear of the dentist and avoid visiting unless absolutely necessary. And still others simply let it slip their mind.

The consequences of failing to see the dentist can be many. It’s estimated that 20% of the U.S. population has untreated cavities, which can lead to even bigger problems of they do not get taken care of. Cavities and other dental issues that don’t get treated can lose to tooth loss. Most people don’t just lose one tooth. People who don’t take care of their teeth often winding up l

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