Dental Hygiene and You — What New Technologies Are Available For You to Improve Your Oral Health?

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Not a lot of Americans are aware of how many treatments are actually available to them to help them combat the negative effects of gum disease and poor oral hygiene. While our founding fathers very famously only had wooden dentures and similar technology available to them when gum disease came knocking, we are much more fortunate in that technology has progressed to the point where the modern alternatives are much safer, attractive, and functional as actual teeth.

One of the most emergent technologies being used by periodontists and dentists today are dental implants. The concept of dental implants actually dates back to the ancient Mayans, though our s

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5 Tips for Finding a Dentist You Love

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Most health experts recommend visiting the dentist every six months for professional dental cleanings, x-rays, and exams. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, an organization that focuses on national health issues, about 40% of the American population is overdue for their bi-annual visit to their local family dentistry practice.

About 15% of people who avoid going to the dentist have a phobia or anxiety about the dental appointments. Others do not have proper medical insurance to pay for it and can only stay on top of their dental care if they are able to find a cheap dentist. Some people just don’t know how to find a local dentist that meets their needs. If you are in the group of people who does not know how to find a local dentist to keep your dental health in tiptop shape, we’ve put to

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Unable To Sleep At Night? You May Have Sleep Apnea

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Are you finding it hard to fall asleep at night? Do you often wake up even more tired in the morning than when you first lay your head to rest? How about concentration or irritability issues affecting your relationships and work environment? Sleeping disorders are one of the most common and frustrating issues facing Americans across the country, being caused by a variety of factors ranging from stress to biology to age. Sleep apnea is a severe sleeping disorder that can disrupt day-to-day life and even increase your chances of heart failure, stroke and physical illness. If you or someone you know struggles with a sleeping disorder, keep reading to learn more about how it functions, recent technology developed and the resources available to you.

Who Has Sleep Apnea?

It’s estimate

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Want a Cleaner Mouth? Tips for Making that Happen with Tongue Cleaners

tongue cleaners Most Americans have problems with their gums or teeth. More than 75% of American adults have gingivitis (early gum disease) or advanced gum disease. Approximately 47% of all Americans have some form of periodontal disease. This means nearly 50 million Americans suffer from mild, moderate or severe periodontal disease. Most people brush their teeth the way they should, but not at many floss as recommended. The problem is that while brushing can take care of 70% of the cleaning that needs to be done, flossing can take care of the remaining 30%.

Yet while many people focus on their teeth, not as many pay attention to their tongues. The solution to that is to use a device called a tongue cleaner, which can help improve oral hygiene and dental health.

How to Get Your Mouth Healthier with a Clea...

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How to Get a Healthier, More Confident Smile

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There is no substitute for a smile when it comes to first impressions; unfortunately a large number of the population do not feel confident about their smile. Up to 75% of the population is affected by the early gum disease gingivitis or more advanced stages. While proper oral hygiene can prevent such diseases, many Americans have trouble establishing the habits needed to maintain a clean, healthy smile. Here are some tips to compliment brushing and flossing to give yourself a more confident smile.

The Importance of Night Mouth Guards

An estimated 10% of American adults and 15% of children grind their teeth at night; many of them are unaware until the damage is done. A pr

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Simple Tips To Improve Your Dental Health

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Improving your overall dental health is not something that can necessarily be done overnight; it’s something that requires constant maintenance and it also requires attention to detail! If you’ve noticed lately that your teeth could use some extra care, here are a few tips to help you get your dental hygiene back on track:

  • Brushing isn’t always enough — in fact, it’s recommended that you also make sure to use dental floss everyday, and also to use mouthwash (if necessary). Everyone needs a routine that fits their own unique dental needs, so there really isn’t one correct answer when it comes to regular cleaning.
  • Staying away from food that can harm your teeth is important for keeping your tooth enamel intact. Sugar causes enamel to erode, and sugar-filled foods and drinks can harm you
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5 Common Oral Surgeries


Our teeth are so crucial to our well being and quality of life. We may think it’s not that big of a deal to brush and floss every day but preventing cavities and gum disease and potential tooth decay or even loss begins with a good brushing every day. Brushing, flossing, minimizing sugar and generally eating right will go a long way to keeping our natural teeth intact. Around 96% of people think a healthy smile is one of the most appealing features of a person so let’s keep up on those teeth!

Sometimes, whether we take care of our teeth or not, an emergency dental service is need for one reason or another. Let’s look at some of the most common types of dental surgery.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Wisdom Teeth are usually the last to grow in and often times there are complications. Read More

Are You Looking for a Family Dentistry Office?

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It is important for parents to teach their children many things. Parents guide children to be kind to others, to pick up after themselves, and the importance of being a good student. In addition, parents also try to teach their children about the importance of healthy habits. While children learn good eating, proper exercising, and general personal care skills from the adults in their lives, some would argue that teaching children good dental health and the importance of regular dental exams is one of the most important life skills. Taking your child to twice yearly family dentistry visits will model for them proper care of their teeth and gums.
A family friendly dentist office helps children see that people of all

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3 Types of Dental Crowns and What They’re Used for

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Dental crowns are a form of cosmetic dentistry, which also includes bleaching, binding, porcelain veneers, reshaping, and contouring. As modern advancements have improved dental technologies a great deal in recent years it has helped make operations more affordable so more and more people are able to access them. The use of veneers alone has increased by over 250% in the past five years. Dental crowns are basically caps or encasement for teeth or dental implants and can be required for a variety of reasons. Here are three of the most common types.

  • 1.) Traditional: Probably the most common method of crown
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Cosmetic Dentistry How Can It Help You?

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If you’ve heard about cosmetic dentistry before — and you probably have, because the cosmetic dental industry is growing bigger by the year! — you might not really know what it entails or why it’s becoming so popular. The truth is, cosmetic dentists can provide very valuable services to nearly every person, no matter how healthy or unhealthy their teeth may be. Here are just a few of the most common services that a cosmetic dental practice typically offers:

  • Dental implants: This is a permanent solution for missing teeth, and it’s something that many people choose if they have just a few miss
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