“My kingdom for a dentist!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase belted out loud at the top of the lung by the hoi polloi on the streets of New York City. There is a palpable craving for competent dentists out there. These days it’s not enough for a dentist to know his practice. He must also be friendly. He must be connected to social media. He must have a groupon. He has to know which number Pikachu is in the Pokedex and he must be able to imitate with at least 80% accuracy the garbled electronic sounds that the Gameboy approximated to be Pikachu’s “call of the wild”. It can be hard to find a dentist who fits all of these qualities and doesn’t charge a premium. So what is the avid dental patient with a hole in their pocket to do? My blog is here to save you and your shining holy enamel. My name is Red Rogers. I was descended from a noble line of Finnish Spitz breeders who cared for their dogs so much that they would lay down their lives for the cause. I know what it is to believe in an ideal to the point of self-sacrifice. That is how I feel about helping people find dentists, and that is why I’m sitting in my underwear updating this blog instead of seeking paid employment. Don’t let my efforts go to waste, I beg of you!


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