3 Reasons to Try Tartar Removing Dental Gel

It happens without you even realizing it. Within one to three days, the plaque on your teeth begins turning into tartar. To help prevent this from occurring, the majority of us brush our teeth with our favorite brand of tartar removing toothpaste. However, we can now do even more to fight tartar build-up thanks to the development of tartar removing dental gels. Dentistry IQ explains three reasons why you should consider trying them.

1. They’re Safe to Use.

Plaque removal dental gels do not contain harmful abrasive ingredients, foaming substances, or detergents that are sometimes found in conventional brands of toothpaste. Because of that, you can have peace of mind knowing that these products are safe and gentle for you to use on your teeth.

Rather than using harsh ingredients and mechanical toothbrush action to get the job done, dental gels work by gently dissolving plaque on the surface of your teeth.

2. They’re Effective.

Dental gel is significantly more effective at removing plaque and reducing tartar build-up than a conventional plaque removing toothpaste. In fact, dental gels have been shown to remove plaque 250% better than traditional toothpastes do. They’re also able to work at a molecular level in hard-to-reach areas that we can’t get to with a toothbrush. This can be especially helpful to individuals wearing braces since it’s difficult to brush and clean the areas surrounding the braces. After you finish brushing your teeth, the dental gel acts as a protective shield to repel plaque as well. Eliminating plaque is a key factor in reducing instances of gum disease and improving overall gum health.

3. They’re Recommended by Dentists.

Because of their safety and efficacy, dental gels are recommended by dentists. In addition, some dentists report that they personally use dental gels and also recommend them to their patients.

Combating plaque and tartar build-up is crucial for the prevention of gum disease and for improving our overall dental health. Dental gels offer a safe, substantially more effective method of removing plaque and reducing the build-up of tartar. When choosing the best products for your oral health, consider using a tartar removing dental gel.

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