4 Reasons to Have an Oral Surgery Procedure or a Surgical Tooth Extraction

You’re having your check-up and the dentist informs you that you need a dental implant procedure, an oral bone graft or a surgical tooth extraction. The prospect of oral surgery, tooth replacement, fillings, crowns, caps and of course, wisdom tooth removal, is not the type news anyone wants to hear.

The first thing you need to do is find an experienced oral surgeon. Knowing some facts that might help you relax and reduce any anxiety you may be feeling. Here are 4 reasons for having oral surgery, including a few types of oral surgery procedures such as surgical tooth extraction, dental implants and wisdom tooth surgery.

Oral Surgery To Restore Your Smile
If you are anxious or hesitant about visiting the dentist, but you don’t like the way your teeth look, you are not alone. In fact, many adults deliberately do not smile for this very reason. A visit to an oral surgeon who specializes in implants can help you with this.

Oral Surgery To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth
It seems to be the most predominant rite of passage into adulthood for Americans: wisdom tooth removal. In fact, surgical tooth extraction on wisdom teeth is done to approximately 5 million people in the U.S. The procedure of is done every year on an outpatient basis. Beyond a rite of passage, wisdom tooth removal is one step in a lifelong process of taking good care of one’s oral health.

Oral Surgery To Fill in the Gaps
Are you missing a tooth? Or teeth in one or both of your jaws? Well, if so, you are not alone. There are reportedly over 35 million Americans with this problem. But there is no need to keep your hand over your mouth for the rest of your life. A dentist can fill that gap with a crown or bridge replacement.

Oral Surgery To Maintain Gum and Bone Health
There must be something special about dental implants: 3 million people already have a tooth implant today. And the number is growing, with every year finding that 500,000 more people have them. Taking care of your teeth also helps take care of your gums and your bones, too.

To sum up, all the advances in general dentistry and oral surgery make it possible to make sure you take care of your oral health. Good oral health has an impact on overall health, including digestion and nutrition. It is also important to know that taking good care of your teeth impacts your overall appearance and how your teeth look, too. Of course, it is also true that a bright, healthy smile is a good way to meet people and open new doors for conversation, careers and camaraderie.

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