5 Questions to Ask Your Dentures Specialist

Dentures are increasingly popular as a preferred solution to tooth loss. According to Harvard Health Publishing, complete tooth loss in adults aged 65 to 75 has decreased by 75% in the past five decades, making dentures even more attractive. For those considering dentures, consulting with a dentures specialist is an important step in the process. To ensure you get the best, custom-made solution for your specific needs, here are some key questions to ask during the consultation.

1. Do You Offer Warranties on Dentures?

A good dentures specialist should guarantee the quality of their workmanship. They may offer a fixed amount of time (typically six to twelve months) for free repair or replacement in the event of any defects. Be sure to ask about their warranty policy and inquire about the specific types of dentures they offer.

2. What Is the Process for Making Dentures?

Every specialist will have a different process for making dentures. A reliable provider should be able to explain the steps they take in creating custom-made dentures. Ask about the materials used, the timeline involved, and other details that will help you understand their process. Knowing this information can help ensure you end up with the best possible outcome.

3. Are There Any Care Instructions I Should Follow?

Proper care and maintenance are essential to extend the lifespan of your dentures. A good specialist should provide detailed instructions on caring for your dentures, including tips on cleaning and storing them. Be sure to ask about any additional products you may need and any special precautions you should take.

4. What Is Your Experience with Dentures?

Experience is key when it comes to dentures or a dental implant. Your specialist should have the relevant training and experience in both fitting and manufacturing dentures. Ask about their qualifications, and look for references or testimonials from past patients. It’s also worth asking about their professional memberships and certifications.

5. How Long Do Dentures Last?

The lifespan of dentures varies widely, depending on the materials used and how they are cared for. On average, you can expect dentures to last anywhere from three to five years.

Getting dentures is a big decision. So make sure you have the right information before taking the plunge. Asking these five questions will give you peace of mind about your decision.

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