Are You Tired Of Getting Cavities? Here Are Five Practical Tips To Keep You Healthy Year-Round

Oral health care is a tricky area for many Americans today.

Periodontal disease, cavities, and root canals are far more common than they need to be. Adults and children alike are struggling with what’s needed to keep their teeth and gums in top shape. Should you be finding your own oral health less-than-stellar, never fear. There are some useful tips you can pick up below to cultivate a smile that’s as shiny as it is healthy. This also includes regular trip to your mobile dental office for check-ups and teeth cleaning.

Keep your mind on this practical advice and watch your smile change for the better.

Change Your Toothbrush Every Few Months

Here’s something you might not realize until way after the fact: your toothbrush might need replacing. The bristles are designed to loosen up plaque and massage your gums, both essential for consistent oral health. Using a brush that’s worn out and too soft is just wasting your time and putting yourself in the position of constantly visiting your dentist. Swapping your toothbrush every few months — or twice per year, depending on the quality — should be good enough. It’s not just brushing that keeps you healthy, though.

Floss Your Teeth Twice Per Day

This is one area that definitely needs some polish, whether you’ve got decent oral health or have been falling behind. The function of flossing is designed to loosen up hard-to-reach food between the teeth while also clearing up bacteria stuck between the gums. Your brush’s bristles can’t reach everything and when you skip out on flossing you’re paving the way for guaranteed future cavities. It’s recommended you floss in the morning and night or after every meal. When you top this off with mouthwash you create a truly well-rounded, long-lasting result.

Rinse Out With Mouthwash Regularly

While some just pick up some Listerine for fresh breath, your average mobile dental office will stress the importance of mouthwash on the health side of things. Where brushing your teeth breaks up plaque and flossing your teeth removes difficult bacteria, mouthwash tops you off by giving you just a little nudge in the right direction. It also kills bacteria, freshening your breath and cleaning your teeth to a truly polished sheen. If you’ve had to call dental services a lot lately, this is one area you should consider picking up.

Cut Back On Sugar And Drink More Water

Another tip your mobile dental office is going to give you before you go? Cut back on the sugar. While there’s nothing wrong with a salty or sweet snack now and again, too much can put excess stress on your teeth. This also goes for caffeine and energy drinks that cause yellow stains and weaken gum tissue. Drinking water is a healthy habit for both your digestive system and your teeth, clearing out lingering residue in your mouth so you don’t have to rely quite so hard on your oral health routine.

Visit Your Dentist Twice A Year

Even the most dedicated oral health guru needs to swing by the dentist to be on the safe side. Your mobile dental office has all you need and more to keep you feeling your best, from regular teeth cleaning sessions to x-rays for stubborn jaw pain. Teeth cleaning sessions are recommended one to two times per year, depending on your health, and are a good supplement to your regular brushing and flossing. Dentists can further break up plaque and offer additional teeth whitening services to create a smile you’re truly proud of. All you have to do is give your mobile dental office a call.

Dental care may be tricky these days, but there are high quality resources waiting for you.

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