Dental Hygiene and You — What New Technologies Are Available For You to Improve Your Oral Health?

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Not a lot of Americans are aware of how many treatments are actually available to them to help them combat the negative effects of gum disease and poor oral hygiene. While our founding fathers very famously only had wooden dentures and similar technology available to them when gum disease came knocking, we are much more fortunate in that technology has progressed to the point where the modern alternatives are much safer, attractive, and functional as actual teeth.

One of the most emergent technologies being used by periodontists and dentists today are dental implants. The concept of dental implants actually dates back to the ancient Mayans, though our society has perfected the process enough that dental implants are 98% successful, and can be found inside the mouths of over 3 million Americans.

The most common, successful, and popular type of gum disease treatment is root implant is called a screw thread implant. These implants replace missing or broken teeth by, as painful as it may be to think about, screwing titanium bolts with synthetic teeth attached to them into your gum. The muscle and bone of your body “grip” the implant and it essentially becomes a part of your jaw! The strength of these implants are technically more than that of a normal pair of human teeth, being that they are made of such strong material, and are bound to the body in such an effective way.

Once the implants are in and have been “accepted” by the body, they can be used just like normal teeth. There is no need to remove them, not even at night or for maintenance, as is the case with most dentures.

An attractive, healthy smile can make all the difference in your social, professional, and personal life. Take a look at the benefits people who have worked with dental implants in the past are seeing. Feel free to share the above with anyone you know who may stand to benefit from learning about their options for gum disease treatment, like broken or missing teeth.

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