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When you have lost one or more teeth, you may want a complete smile makeover. Many cosmetic dental solutions can give you a better smile.

Getting dental implants will help you to replace a lost tooth permanently. They can give you a cosmetic smile makeover by filling in those gaps in your smile. For many people, they are the best cosmetic dental procedure to get.

They make talking and chewing far easier. In addition, patients with damaged teeth can get veneers laid over their natural teeth.

Some crowns can be put over a tooth that is infected or highly discolored. Many dentists today also have methods for whitening teeth.

It’s essential to take good care of your teeth. Caring for them properly will make them last longer and look better.
In addition, regular brushing and flossing are needed to lower your risk of cavities and other problems. You also need to visit the dentist twice a year for your complete cleaning and examination.

If you have a small dental problem, the dentist can catch it during these exams and treat it to get bigger. Therefore, these appointments are precious to your dental health.

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Did you know that a century ago that roughly 50% of North American adults had lost all of their teeth? Today, people between the ages of 41 and 60 make up approximately half of American cosmetic dentistry patients, but a considerably smaller percentage has lost all of their teeth. In fact, a recent statistic showed that only about 10% of today’s Americans over age 65 have lost more than one tooth.

Although there have been several revolutionary advances in family dental care since the years following World War II, there are still far too many Americans with less than stellar teeth. When you consider the fact that the best dental care in the world can be found right here in the United States, the only possible explanations are a lack of thorough cleaning and poor eating habits.

While there is no guarantee that an individual will go through life without a single cavity, tooth decay, or tartar buildup, healthy teeth always begins with thorough flossing, brushing three times per day, and twice-a-year dental cleanings and exams. Additionally, a protein and calcium rich diet that is low in sugar will strengthen tooth enamel and reduce the risk for cavities. Although all sugar is bad for you teeth, soda pop just might be the worst, as people who consume one can of regular soda per day have a 60% greater risk of tooth decay.

Even if people practice good oral hygiene and visit their family dentists regularly, the chances are that they will end up needed some kind of dental cosmetics at some time in their lives. In cases where patients have experienced significant tooth decay, they may want to ask a dentist about the newest solutions for the specific issues they are experiencing.

Depending upon each unique circumstance, their dentists might recommend dental veneers, mini dental implants, or full dental implants. Even if patients have no serious dental issues but are concerned with minor discoloration, they might still ask a dentist if professional teeth whitening can be a solution for them.

Although it is always best for folks to do whatever they can to keep their natural teeth, it is good to know that there are options available if dental issues arise. Actually, today’s innovative cosmetic dentistry procedures can give almost anyone a second chance at a great smile.

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