Do You Have Missing Teeth? Dental Implants May Be the Right Approach

When you have to have a tooth extracted, you may have to make the decision of dentures vs implants. Whichever you choose, you have to wait until your gums are healed from the extraction first. This can take a few months. After that, you can be fitted for dentures, or you can get a dental implant started. About how much do dental implants cost? They each average about $3,000. A dental implant is done in stages, though, so you may be able to pay as each stage is being completed.

There are many advantages of dental implants. All dental implants are incredibly strong and look just like real teeth. This makes many people want to use them, as no one can tell that what they’re looking at is an implant. After tooth implant surgery, you have to wait a few months for the area to heal before other parts are added to the implanted area. After that, a crown is made to fit onto the implanted screw. The last stage is to install this crown over the implanted portion. Once everything is completed, you will have a sturdy tooth that should last for the rest of your life without problems.

When you are in need of a new tooth to replace the one you lost, you may consider getting a dental implant. So, how much do dental implants cost? They average about $3,000 together for each stage in the process. You may need to be seen four or more times over the course of months to get the plant completed. It’s best to know all about dental implants before you begin so that you can make an informed choice. There are many advantages and disadvantages of dental implants, and one of the biggest disadvantages is the steep price tag.

There are a lot of advantages of dental implants, including the look and feel of the tooth. It looks and feels like a regular, natural tooth. You can even choose the color of it. These replacement teeth are also highly durable and don’t need any more care than the rest of your teeth. No one will be able to look at your implant and know that it’s an implant. And, you never have to remove your tooth. You can expect it to last the rest of your life. That makes these replacement teeth popular around the world for filling in a space.

Porcelain veneers before and after

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over 80% of children two years old and up have been to see a dentist within the last year. This is an important part of helping to ensure good dental health from an early age. Regular dentist visits–along with sound eating habits and consistent home dental care–can help to stave off tooth decay and loss.

If teeth are lost or severely weakened, it may be time to contact the best cosmetic dentist in your area. But what is a cosmetic dentist exactly? This person is a professional who specializes in aesthetic dentistry procedures such as dental implant surgery and cosmetic dentistry veneers.

Dental implants specifically are administered when a tooth is missing completely. The implant consists of a titanium root, topped by an abutment which holds the porcelain crown in place as a substitute for the original tooth. It typically takes between two and six months to heal completely from a dental implant procedure. Compared to dentures, getting dental implants is a more permanent solution, requiring less maintenance while more closely resembling authentic teeth.

Dental implants have become increasing popular in recent years. The dental implant industry anticipates a growth rate of nearly 5.5% in 2016, compared to the year 2012. This is significant when you consider that in 2010 the industry was worth about 1.3 billion dollars. About three million Americans have gotten a dental implant once at the least, and that figure is set to increase by 500,000 with every year that passes.

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