Family Friendly Dentist Kennesaw Practices Welcome Patients of All Ages

You have no worries when you entrust your family’s dental health to a dentist Kennesaw. She places top priority on the dental health of everyone from babies to seniors. Your dentist Kennesaw provides dental health services to people of all ages.

Your dentist Kennesaw will want to see your new baby by the time he reaches six months of age. The incidence of baby bottle tooth decay has risen in recent years. Believe it or not, unerupted teeth can develop the early signs of decay from too much exposure to sugared drinks in baby bottles. Even milk is not exempt from the list of sugary liquids that should not be allowed to pool inside a baby’s mouth at nap time.

The first trip to a dentist kennesaw for older children and adults includes a thorough prophylactic cleaning and fluoride treatment, xrays and visual examination for signs of gum disease or oral cancer. Actually, all patients fall under the same scrutiny at their annual examinations. Xrays in particular will reveal cavities, tumors and other growths in their earliest stages of development.

When cavities do occur, your dentist Kennesaw will remove them in an anxiety free atmosphere and restore your teeth with either tooth colored or amalgam filling material. (Patients usually choose tooth colored fillings for front teeth.) You may need a crown if the damage cannot be reversed with filling material alone.

Ugly chips, cracks or stains may develop on your teeth if you drink large quantities of tea, coffee or cola. Your dentist Kennesaw can apply cosmetic veneers or caps to your teeth to restore your smile. Dental appliances such as implants and bridges hide any gaps left by missing teeth. Your dentist Kennesaw’s cosmetic dental services restore the self confidence to help you succeed in today’s business world!

Review the website for your dentist Kennesaw before your first visit. You will find there a brief overview of the various services and procedures offered by the practice, short bios of doctors and staff members and information on office hours and location. First time patients are more at ease when they feel like part of the family.

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