How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve the Look and Function of Your Teeth

Bleaching teeth

The process of turning dark or discolored gums into the right colored gums is one of the most popular and beneficial of all cosmetic dental procedures. Bleaching gums or bleaching teeth does not involve cosmetic teeth surgery, meaning it is not intrusive and generally is very affordable. Only a topical anesthetic is needed with gum lightening treatments, so you will not be drugged or feel drowsy. Plus, the healing process is very swift and virtually painless.

Dark gums are most common in certain ethnic groups like people with African or Middle Eastern ancestry. Discolored gums can take a toll on the overall appearance of the mouth, just as discolored teeth can. Gum pigmentation treatment is a cosmetic dental procedure that uses a dental laser to remove dark pigmentation on your gums.

Overall, if you have dark or unsightly gums, visit a cosmetic dentist and see what can be done to make your teeth, gums, and mouth look and feel better. More like this.

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