How Financing Dental Care Can Improve Your Smile Without Draining Your Wallet

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When first greeting someone, the knee jerk reaction of most people is to put on a smile. Simultaneously, the next natural response is usually to notice the aesthetics of the other party’s teeth. Even without knowingly relating someones smile to their overall personality, subconsciously it can have a substantial impact on one’s perception of others.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that essentially all Americans, approximately 99.7%, believe that a person’s smile is the most important asset in social situations. People put so much stake into the quality of their teeth, that many are willing to pay top dollar for new dental implants and other cosmetic operations.

Overall people in the United States spend about $1.4 billion on tooth whitening products and procedures. Unfortunately, the price for many of these operations can be pretty expensive without dental insurance. However, financing dental care has become a common and useful tool in getting the smile someone wants without emptying their bank account.

Similarly to car or house payments, financing dental care allows patients to pay installments overtime to cover any cosmetic dentistry. Rather than paying a couple thousand dollars for a new veneer or dentures, one could simply add on another payment to their monthly expenses.

Even though dental implants can amount to substantial costs, their low maintenance and reliability will likely save patients more money overtime. Veneers, for example, generally last between five to 10 years before needing to be replaced. In that span of time, an organic tooth could see substantial decay and damage, requiring multiple operations to fix. Removing numerous dentist visits over years can reduce some serious expenses.

Whether it be new dentures or a professional dental cleaning, people shouldn’t be required to drain their bank accounts to get the healthy smile they want. Financing dental care can show results immediately, without the need to cut an enormous check.

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