How Local Dentist Offices Are Becoming a One-stop Shop

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Many people schedule their regular dental checkups once or twice a year, and this is the only time they will see their dentist. In the past, visits to the local dentist office were typically for people to have their routine teeth cleaning and checkup. Recently, however, more and more dentists are offering a wider variety of services than they used to, making it easier for their patients to have all of their dental needs taken care of in one location by a dental provider they know and trust. Three services many dentists are beginning to offer are:

  1. Emergency Dentistry – There are a number of different things that constitute a dental emergency, including having a tooth knocked out, chipping or breaking a tooth or severe pain in a tooth or facial tissue. A person who experiences any of these dental traumas should always call their dentist immediately to schedule an emergency dentist appointment. Luckily, most dentists have set blocks of time that they dedicate specifically to emergencies like these, so people don’t have to go the emergency room or seek other local emergency dentistry services.
  2. Sedation Dentistry – While sedation at the dentist used to be reserved for major or painful dental procedures or emergency dentist appointments, many dentists are now offering it for a number of routine procedures, including regular cleanings, to patients who suffer from a fear of the dentist. For some people, even routine checkups are enough to induce a high level of fear and anxiety, keeping them from visiting their dentist as often as they should. Sedation dentistry allows these people to get through their routine checkups, as well as more significant dental procedures that they might have been neglecting.
  3. Cosmetic Dentistry – There are a ton of dental clinics that focus specifically on cosmetic dental procedures, but many more regular dentists are now offering cosmetic services at their offices. These cosmetic treatments include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants and dentures. Having to find a new dentist just for these procedures can be a hassle. With more dentists performing these cosmetic procedures out of their offices, patients can get these different types of treatments from their own local dentist.

As dental technologies improve and more dentists are able to perform different types of procedures out of their offices, patients don’t have to search around for a new dentist that they trust for all of their various dental needs. Whether it be making an emergency dentist appointment, getting sedation for routine checkups or cosmetic procedures, regular local dentists are likely to offer these services. Before going and making appointments someplace else, patients should first check with their regular dentist to see if they can have their procedures done at their office. This is a great source for more.

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