Pleasant Dentist Time

Last month i went to visit my mother where she was staying for the summer and had a very unique experience. It turns out that I spent most of my time with a Laurel dentist which was both wonderful and painful. After the second day of visiting my mother I began to have a horrible toothache that simply would not go away and began to swell my cheek. I was very concerned after I started to see blood in the back of my mouth by my gums so we immediately went to a Laurel dentist where I was quickly treated. It ended up that I had my wisdom teeth removed but my stop with the Laurel dentist did not end there. Since I was spending so much time in the office of the dentists I decided to started a conversation with the Laurel dentist that was sitting right by the waiting room. It turned out that we had both gone to the same high school at some point but we had never happened to run into each other until this time. We kicked it off really well and we talked about our careers and about what we do with our free time. It turns out that we were very compatible and it was soon obvious that we were both very interested in each other. My mother saw me speaking to the Laurel dentist and she thought we were just talking about my teeth so she joined the conversation. Luckily the Laurel dentist was able to give me his number on his card and wrote me a little message which I did not read since my mother was there. When I got home I could not find the business card for the life of me and I did not remember the name of the Laurel dentist. I kept searching and thinking of ways that I could go back there and get his information again.

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