Remember These Things When Considering Dental Implants!

People today can enjoy better oral health than ever before and dental implants are a big part of that. If you or your loved ones are considering implants, there are many things worth examining. Of course, if you have specific questions, it’s wise to reach out to an oral surgeon, dentist, or other relevant expert.

Let’s discuss what a dental implant is as there is some confusion around the term. When people think of dental implants, they often think of the false tooth that is clearly visible in the mouth.

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However, this artificial tooth is actually part of a three-piece system, that includes the implant that is inserted into the gums. A crown is then attached to the implant with an abutment.

When dentists refer to dental implants, they are often referring specifically to the metal base that is inserted into the gums. This foundational base is typically made of titanium. Not only is titanium strong, it rarely produces adverse reactions within the body. Inserting the implant will take a bit of work, but the procedure is actually quite simple, all things considered.


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