Scared of Dental Surgery? IV Sedation Can Help!

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It’s completely normal to be nervous for any major cosmetic dental procedures. In fact, odontophobia, or fear of the dentist, affects 5-10% of adults so severely that they avoid dental treatment and care altogether.

Where your courage ends, IV sedation dentistry comes in. IV sedation dentistry is an increasingly common procedure to help people with mild to severe anxiety over cosmetic dental surgery.

IV sedation introduces a drug, typically a short-acting benzodiazepine, into the blood system during surgery. Benzos induce a deep state of relaxation without quite putting a patient to sleep; in fact, most of the time you’ll be aware of what’s going on but it just won’t bother you. Many people retain the ability to move and interact with their dentists during sedation.

IV sedation dentistry reduces anxiety, induces sleepiness, and produces mild amnesia. This amnesic state only lasts for the duration of the procedure and gives the impression that time has passed very quickly. Often, patients feel like they were asleep, and remember little to nothing of the procedure. They also don’t feel anxious. Even though they’re aware of the situation, they just aren’t that concerned about it.

Sedation also alters the patient’s perception of pain. In fact, barely anything about the procedure will feel unpleasant or painful, though you may experience some discomfort after it wears off.

IV sedation doesn’t have lasting effects after the procedure, but many patients are mildly disoriented and are advised to think ahead about having a friend or family member take them home. Most patients bounce back fairly quickly, but the recovery time varies from patient to patient.

Rather than suffer with fear and pain because of your cosmetic dental work, ask your dentist if their cosmetic dental clinic provides IV sedation. Your procedure will be over in a blink and you’ll leave the dentist wondering what you were so worried about.

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