The Golden Age of Implant Dentistry

Bayside all on 4 dental implants

While the concept of dentures is nothing new, the materials involved have improved significantly, just in the past decade. But that’s nothing compared to the advancements in technology and techniques involved in placing implants, restoring people’s smiles, and, ultimately, improving their quality of life. Here are some helpful bits of information if you’re considering replacing your missing teeth.

What Is an Implant?
The dentures themselves are just the top part of the teeth (also called the “crowns”). The bottom part of the tooth — the part we very rarely see — is called the root. When a root needs replacing, an implant is used. It’s basically a thin titanium post that’s surgically inserted into the jawbone. The bone heals around the metal, and the root is now strong enough to withstand the large forces generated by chewing.

How Long Does It Take?
The length of time required for the entire implant procedure has changed drastically through the years. Healing time used to account the biggest percentage of that, but with the advent of mini-implants and computer guided dental implants, that time has been cut down, sometimes by a massive magnitude. Where a previous iteration of the surgery (with healing) may have taken several months to complete, modern procedures can literally be done in a single day.

What Does “Computer Guided” Mean?
The stability of an implant (and the natural root of a tooth, for that matter) depends entirely on the strength of the jawbone surrounding it. Mini implants provide more options for placement, and computer guided imaging provide a 3D picture of the jawbone, making placement even easier and more effective than ever before.

The bottom line is, today you have more options than ever for fixing your smile faster and more efficiently than in the history of dentistry. Ask your doctor about the benefits of implants, mini implants, and computer guided implants, and see how easy it is for you to have something to smile about again. More on this topic.

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