Three Options For Those Experiencing Dental Issues

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Did you know that the average person goes three years before making an appointment with a dentist? Obviously, when we experience more immediate issues with our teeth — like extreme pain or losing a tooth — we tend to give the dentist a call a bit sooner. But many are willing to put off regular visits until they absolutely have to see the dentist, for a number of reasons. Some simply don’t think that regular dentist’s checkups are worth the money — which is ironic, as these people usually spend more on repairing their teeth than they would have had they just seen the dentist for checkups. Other people are genuinely afraid of dentists, or self-conscious about letting a dentist see their teeth. Dentists are not judgmental, first and foremost. They might have some tips on how you can maintain your teeth, but they’re not going to condemn you for neglecting your teeth every once and a while. They’re here to help, and there are many options in the dentistry field for those with teeth problems. No matter how big or small your issues might be, there is probably a solution available for it. Below, we’ll look into some of the different options for those with teeth problems.

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a great option for those who have experienced issues with discoloration in their teeth. This is an all too common issue. Some people experience discoloration as a natural part of the aging process. Others have teeth that become prematurely discolored due to staining — this is especially problematic for those who drink coffee on a regular basis. People often feel a lot of insecurity about their discolored teeth, and this can affect their daily lives. Studies have shown that 74% of people believe that an unattractive smile can hurt their career success. For that matter, 99.7% of people believe that a healthy smile is socially important. Teeth whitening kits are often offered at the drug store. Not only are these frequently ineffective; they can sometimes have negative effects on your teeth if used incorrectly. With that being said, it’s a much better option to seek out teeth whitening with a professional. The process is usually minimally painful, if not entirely painless, and is done fairly quickly. While some only get one teeth whitening session, others use teeth whitening as a sort of maintenance process for their teeth. It all depends on what your dentist advises.

2. Dental Implants

Dental implants function both as cosmetic and practical solutions for a serious teeth issue. This issue is that of missing permanent teeth. People can lose their permanent teeth for a variety of reasons — decay and disease may be the main reasons, but some lose permanent teeth due to trauma. A dental implant is meant to be a permanent or semi-permanent solution, in which a realistic-looking false tooth is implanting into the empty space. Sometimes, teeth are removed with the intention of being immediately replaced with an implant; this is often done for cosmetic reasons. A dental implant is meant to stay in for years, and sometimes permanently. However, for some people, a straighter, cleaner smile is desirable — but they don’t want to go through the implant process. In this case, veneers may be a possible solution.

3. Veneers

Veneers are purely cosmetic solutions to certain dental problems. They can be alternatives to dental implants and teeth whitening sessions, depending on the patient’s circumstances. Essentially, veneers are placed over the real teeth, giving the impression of a perfectly straight, white smile. Veneers obviously aren’t quite as permanent as dental implants, and often need to be replaced every five years or so. But they’re great options for those who don’t want an in-depth surgery, but do want to fix their smiles.

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