Top Three Reasons to Visit a Dentist

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The teeth are one of the most important bones to a person’s day to day life. Whether it’s chewing and mulching up the food one eats, flashing a smile to an attractive stranger or to a business associate, or simply saying the hiss of an “s” in conversation, teeth are so central to normal interactions that it’s hard to imagine living without them. Despite this, some New Yorkers are still hesitant to regularly visit a dentist. They are hesitant because they have difficulty seeing the worth of visiting a New York dental practice when they consider the cost of doing so, either in money or in free time. The hypothetical New Yorker asks: “What can a New York dentist practice do for me? My teeth are mostly fine the way they are!” There are many services that dentists can offer to folk regardless of how well-maintained their teeth are, however. Here are three things a dentist can do for various patients:

1. Braces

One service that dentists offer is the attachment of braces to correct the growth of crooked teeth. There is a stigma that surrounds braces that place them as devices fit only for children or awkward teenagers, but braces can be of use to anyone. In fact, almost a third of all dentist patients are adults. The cost of adult braces figures to about 4,800 dollars in the United States, but health insurers often bear the brunt or the entirety of this cost. The concept may feel uncomfortable, but ultimately wouldn’t you prefer straight, beautiful, well-functioning teeth? A New York dental practice can help you achieve that.

2. Implants

Some New Yorkers may think that missing teeth disqualifies them from ever seeking dental services again. This is not the case! There are procedures in place to replace missing teeth in people of any age. A dental implant is inserted into the bone socket where the missing tooth used to be and, after six to twelve weeks, the jawbone heals and seals the implant in place, growing around and securing it to the jaw. The best dental implants can feel as natural as any tooth ever did.

3. Tooth whitening

For those with all of their teeth in good shape, dentists can still offer services beyond cavity treatment; dentists can provide a tooth-whitening treatment to help patients achieve a more beautiful, clean-looking smile. Americans already spend nearly one and a half billion dollars on tooth-whitening products and procedures each year and New York dental practices have special tools that can apply the chemicals for a greater effect. Through the use of peroxide and oxidation, anyone can achieve a movie start-like smile for a reasonable price. What will you have done at the dentist?
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