What Risks Are Associated With Teeth Whitening?

Many people seek out tooth whiteners from a dentist to get a brighter smile. One of the problems that can happen with this is that many people have dental work such as fillings and crowns in their mouths. These will not respond to whitening methods the way regular teeth will, so you can have what is called a rainbow effect. You may end up with teeth that are different colors.

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When you whiten your teeth, you may also have a few days of tooth sensitivity. It may only last a few days, but it can cause a lot of pain. The bleach in the product opens the pores and allows for more sensation in the teeth.

When you get tooth whitening, it’s also possible for your teeth to become stained in the few days after you have it done. With the open pores vulnerable to new stains, drinking coffee or red wine, etc., can allow those substances deeper into the teeth with staining being the result. It is unknown what kind of effect these tooth-bleaching products can have on a child in the womb, so it is not recommended that you bleach your teeth if you are expecting a baby.

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