Your Guide to Orthognathic Surgery

Lower jaw surgery

The field of medicine is crucial to the every day health of American citizens across the nation. While many people debate the political specifics of the health industry and who should have health care and who should not, there is no question that the average American will interact with the healthcare industry at the very least once a year. This is important to note because so many people in the United States do not understand basic health issues and how they can be solved.

Keep in mind that a new innovation has moved into the field of medicine, that of the urgent care clinic. However, even though these facilities employ legitimate professionals, many people foolishly do not trust them to handle their health problems. Do not allow yourself to be confused and make poor decisions based on your lack of information. Instead, make sure you educate yourself on any issues you have and how they can be solved.

Many people fear to go to the dentist. They view this is a tough and uncomfortable experience and thus resist making appointments which can be hazardous to their health. Whether you have jaw problems, wisdom tooth extraction, or orthognathic surgery, you need to see your dentist on the regular. Here is what you should know about having orthognathic surgery, and what it means to you.

A process like corrective jaw surgery needs to be done by someone who is an experienced oral surgeon. There is no question that you do not want to end up in a situation where you are allowing someone who lacks the knowledge to take care of serious issues in your mouth. Make sure you get a professional to take care of your orthognathic surgery, and you will be assured everything is smooth sailing.

Literature written by scientists for scientists suggests that dental implants have a rate of success that equates to about 98%. Understand that just about 3 million people across the world have some form of dental implants that are inserted through orthognathic surgery. You should also know that the number of people who are getting dental implants is growing each year by about 500,000.

Just about 69% of all Americans between the ages of 35 and 44 are estimated to have at least one missing tooth. This can happen because this person did not take care of their teeth but also could happen because of a freak accident where people lose their teeth. Also, know that 25% of all people over the age of 74 have lost all of their natural teeth just because of the progression of old age.

Prosthodontists have released information revealing that more than 35 million people in America are missing just about all of their teeth in one or both jaws. This is why knowing information about orthognathic surgery and trusting your dentist is so important so you can avoid these situations. The same number of people, 35 million, has also been diagnosed with TMJ, temporomandibular joint disorder.

The process of removing wisdom teeth is an outpatient procedure that is performed on nearly five million people across the United States each year. These wisdom teeth are third molars in the back of the mouth that do not have enough room to emerge or develop normally. If you are someone who loses the bones in your jaw, it can be a serious consequence of missing teeth. It will happen right when a tooth is lost and can be dramatic as the bone width will reduce by nearly 25%.

In Conclusion

Make sure you trust your dentist and have some knowledge of orthognathic surgery so that you can protect your mouth and the teeth inside of it. You do not need to let yourself fall victim to losing teeth and having yourself feel self-conscious or less than other people who have all of their teeth.

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