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While most teeth whitening solutions utilize a peroxide based chemistry that involves oxidation to achieve the end result, you will find that if you have crooked teeth, you will want to see a Chicago Invisalign specialist before you even think about whitening. Odontophobia, which is the fear of the dentist, is a classified phobia, but you will find that a Chicago Invisalign professional can show you that there is a lighter side to dentistry as well. Moreover, since ninety nine out of a hundred Americans feel that a good smile is important for socializing, it is more important than ever to see a Chicago invisalign specialist to deal with your crooked teeth.

While regular dentists in Chicago will focus on cavities, a cosmetic dentist will be more interested in how to improve the way your teeth look to the outside world. Of course, a top dentist in chicago will be able to do both regular and cosmetic dentistry. This means that when you see a cosmetic dentist in Chicago, you can get everything taken care of. Most importantly, thanks to Invisalign Chicago residents can use a non invasive retainer to offer the same results as braces for less money.