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Eau claire teeth in an hour

There are many reasons people go to the dentist. Some patients visit for a scheduled check up, whereas others may need more serious dental work, like Eau Claire dentures. Of course, many people visit and get Eau Claire dentures for cosmetic reasons. Interestingly, before orthodontics became a specialty of dentistry in 1900, such procedures were considered unnecessary because they served cosmetic purposes. Today, an Eau Claire best dentist can help you, whether you need Eau Claire dental implants, Eau claire invisalign, or Eau Claire dentures.

It is important to know what to expect before receiving cosmetic dentistry, especially considering the average cosmetic dentistry patient spends upward of six thousand dollars on procedures to help improve their smile. Moreover, each year, Americans spend nearly approximately 1.4 billion on teeth whitening supplies and procedures. Such a procedure is a dental implant. An Eau claire mini dental implant involves placing a false tooth in the existing tooth bone socket, and allowing the surrounding bone and tissue to grow around it over the next six to 12 months. As the jawbone begins to heal, it will adhere to the false tooth, helping to anchor it in place. Dental implants are usually successful (98 percent of the time) and can last a lifetime if properly cared for and maintained.

The best eau claire dentist can perform Eau Claire dentures procedures as well. What can you expect when getting a complete denture? Typically, custom dentures are made once the existing teeth have been extracted and the gum tissue has begun to heal. Following tooth removal, a complete denture can be expected to be ready for use in three to six months, and immediate dentures are used during the interim so patients do not have to go without teeth while their gums heal. Eau Claire dentures can perform the procedure for you today!