Chew On This 3 Surprising Health Benefits of Dental Implants

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Although oral health practices have come a long way, many Americans still suffer from tooth loss, which is typically caused by decay, injury, or periodontal disease. For many years, the most effective way of treating these conditions was simply to remove the offending tooth, which resulted in the need for dental bridges or dentures. Thanks to modern dentistry however, patients have the option of dental implants.

What are dental implants?

When a tooth and its roots are pulled, the extraction results in an empty space or gap in the gums. Dental implants fill this space with metallic or replacement tooth roots to which permanent or replacement teeth can be attached. Dentists often refer their patients to oral surgeons who can then perform dental implantation surgery.

What are the benefits?

Dental implants provide a variety of oral and overall health benefits, and are a popular alternative treatment for people with missing teeth. Here are a few surprising health benefits of oral implants.

Maintain bone structure

One of the most appreciated benefits of dental implants is that they can dramatically restore the look of one’s smile. This can have an immediate impact on a patient’s self esteem and confidence, especially if they experienced challenges in maintaining their oral health for sometime. But did you know that tooth loss directly affects one’s facial features and bone structure? Without teeth to stimulate bone growth, the jaw bone will dissolve and change shape over time, resulting in the gradual deterioration of facial features.

Eliminate issues associate with failing teeth

Periodontal disease is a chronic, bacterial infection and inflammatory disease that can have dire health consequences if left unchecked. When left untreated, periodontal disease can contribute to diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and other serious chronic health conditions. Dental implants can nearly eliminate the oral and overall health risks associated with decaying or problem teeth, which are the main culprits of periodontal disease.

Improved speech

Did you know that your teeth play an important role in how your mouth forms certain words? People with missing teeth often find that their speech is impaired, which can result in feelings of self consciousness. They may even feel less social or talkative as a result. Dentures only provide a temporary solution, but poorly fitted dentures can cause a person to slur their words or they find it difficult to pronounce certain words. Because dental implants are made to imitate one’s natural teeth, they allow patients the freedom to speak as they normally would.

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