Do You Cover Your Teeth When You Smile?

Removing a tooth

Your teeth need constant care and attention to look their best. Sometimes you end up with a cavity anyway.

When your dental issues are starting to rear their ugly heads, finding an affordable dentist can be a frustrating journey. Where should you start on your way to healthier oral hygeine? Should you consider dental implants or are you overdue for teeth cleaning? Just like you would tackle eating an elephant, good oral health is done in small increments. Read the list below to get yourself more organized for the new year, from getting your bi-annual check-up to investing in teeth whitening services that deliver solid results.

Did You Know?

If you don’t like your teeth, never fear. There are emergency dentists and cosmetic dentists available to give you the care you need to feel proud about your smile once more. Recent studies analyzing American attitudes on their teeth have been surprising, especially considering the United States’ known propensity for glowing grins. Nearly 20% of people admit they will try to conceal their teeth in photos, with another 30% saying they are ‘actively concerned’ by the look of their teeth. Wherever you fall on the scale, dental care is a function you should access at least once per year.

Yearly Teeth Cleaning

How often do you visit your local dentist for a cleaning? If you haven’t dropped by in a few years you could very well have some hidden cavities that need tending to. The function of teeth cleaning is to get rid of stubborn bacteria and stuck food that’s hard to reach through conventional flossing. While many prefer to get their cleaning done once per year, more dentists are recommending twice per year to stave off cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease. It’s estimated over 70% of Americans have some form of the latter, a condition characterized by sensitive, bleeding gums.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed. This is due to their large size and general inability to properly fit alongside other teeth, leading to crowding and an increased difficulty to clean. Impacted wisdom teeth, however, are another story entirely. The third molars in the back of the mouth can sometimes struggle to remain clean because of a lack of room, causing them to become impacted and cause a serious amount of pain until they’re removed. Overall, wisdom teeth removal is an outpatient procedure performed on over five million American adults and children each year.

Crown And Bridge Replacements

Cavities can creep up on you without you any the wiser…that is, until they start aching and throbbing whenever you eat cold or sugary food. When you have a cavity that has already been filled but hasn’t been tended to in years, it’s possible you’ll need to replace them with something else. Around one out of every five Americans will have one or more untreated cavities, with this number increasing the lower the economic class. Over 15 million people in the country have either crown or bridge replacements for their missing teeth. Although it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to go through this process, you’ll be grateful for the strengthened teeth and reduced sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Services

Last, but certainly not least, you can always touch up your smile with professional teeth whitening services. A trip to the dentist isn’t always for health reasons and sometimes people just want to know they can beam at friends and family without feeling self-conscious. Yellowing, brown spots and crooked teeth can be great sources of frustration for many, particularly when over-the-counter products do little to reverse this appearance. Visit your dentist and ask them about their whitening services, many of which can show drastic differences in just one or two sessions.

Feeling more in the know? Make 2018 the year you take oral health more seriously than ever.

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