Cosmetic Dentistry How Can It Help You?

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If you’ve heard about cosmetic dentistry before — and you probably have, because the cosmetic dental industry is growing bigger by the year! — you might not really know what it entails or why it’s becoming so popular. The truth is, cosmetic dentists can provide very valuable services to nearly every person, no matter how healthy or unhealthy their teeth may be. Here are just a few of the most common services that a cosmetic dental practice typically offers:

  • Dental implants: This is a permanent solution for missing teeth, and it’s something that many people choose if they have just a few missing teeth — or if they know that they need to replace a whole set of teeth, and they don’t want the hassle of dentures! Dental implants are placed into the patient’s jaw through a surgical procedure and the implant naturally fuses with the jawbone, creating a set of artificial but permanent teeth.
  • Dentures: While dental implants are good for a lot of people, dentures are still commonplace because they’re beneficial for other reasons. If a patient’s jaw is too weak to undergo a surgery, dentures are often the best option. Dentures tend to be a bit cheaper than implants as well, and they can still be customized to look very natural.
  • Teeth whitening: Everyone wants to have a bright-white smile they can be confident about! There are so many things that can cause teeth to discolor — from coffee to an excess of fluoride, teeth may become yellowed or blotchy over time. Over-the-counter whitening products (like toothpastes and whitening strips) can work for some people, but the safest option is always to visit a cosmetic dentist for the procedure.

Of course, this is just the beginning of what the cosmetic dentistry industry can do for you!

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