Designing a Dental Office Space That You Love

UPDATED 11/19/20

The appearance of every office matters, and this is certainly true for dental offices. People are going to be spending a huge portion of their lives at these offices. While people won’t always have control over how their offices look, they should do what they can to make those spaces comfortable and nicely decorated.

Patients certainly care about the way their dental offices look. When patients review dental offices, they will typically mention the appearance and layout of the dental office spaces. The best shared office space has plenty of room for everyone, and yet none of that space should feel wasted. This is true for dental offices and other offices.

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Office environments and styles are changing all the time. However, some design principles and office layouts will probably be around for a while. Dental offices today look different from dental offices forty years ago. Still, the best dental offices from both eras will have plenty of similar qualities.

Whether your dental clinic team is first starting out, or your dental office is brand new, decorating the space is the best way to ensure your patients are comfortable. How you decorate also says so much about your business, so you don’t want to drop the ball!

If you wish to learn more about dental office space design, continue reading. Here are the top tips that people in the dental profession swear by when creating a fun, inviting, and trendy office space.

Keep Up With Technology

Medical practices are rapidly changing towards a more technological direction. Patients can sign in electronically. All records are kept in a vast computer database. But how does this affect the outcome of what your office space will look like?

Well, for starters, keeping electronic records will give you more space in the office. Back then, before offices had such advanced computers, they had to rely on bulky filing cabinets. Not anymore!

This can also create a relaxing atmosphere for your patients as clutter can be a sign that your practice is unorganized, even if that may not be the case.

Paint the Walls an Inviting Color

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While it may be tempting to choose a paint color that is neutral and timeless, this can also be the most boring choice.

Add some color if your landlord allows you to modify your commercial property. Some of the best, yet relaxing colors you can use to paint your dental office include:

  • lavender
  • pistachio
  • pale yellow
  • cerulean

Painting the walls is especially important if you run a pediatric dentistry clinic. Children are drawn to bright colors, but painting a fun mural on your wall is an even better idea!

Wallpaper also works. If your landlord does not allow you to paint the walls, you can go the temporary route. Install shiplap or wallpaper that you can take down easily if you decide to move your practice elsewhere.

Changing The Space Based on Location

There are obviously many different stylizing tips that can vary, depending on the space you’re in. A waiting area, for example, should have ample seating, televisions, games, and magazines.

The area where the medical professional works, should have tons of storage. This is where the dentist can store their tools. Patients can also store their belongings while they are undergoing procedures!

Exam rooms shouldn’t be too crowded. Crowing these spaces can cause patients to feel claustrophobic and nervous during their medical exams. Don’t make this mistake!

Look Into Custom Lighting

If you want the best dental office space design, custom lighting is also important. Do you need limiting lighting to allow the natural lighting in your office to shine?

Or would you rather choose moody lighting in your waiting room? There are endless combinations when it comes to creating your perfect lighting set up. If you’re feeling stuck and uninspired. Consider hiring lighting professionals to help you create the perfect dental office space design.

Tablet Check-In System

Aside from technology being amazingly convenient, it’s also helping cut down on waste. Take paper. If your patients are filling out hundreds of forms every day, think of all the trees that are going to waste. Therefore, when creating your ideal dental office space design, strongly consider adding a tablet station so your patients can fill out those exact forms on an electronic device!

Think About Patient Flow

Patient flow is something else you should consider when creating your ideal dental office space design.

A well-designed space doesn’t necessarily have to be a massive area. However, it should utilize the space you’re already given. It should have multiple benefits for both patients and staff.

Eliminating old-school chart rooms can free up space for additional waiting rooms or a check out area.

Many dental clinics choose to create a self-contained registration room. After your patients have registered, they should be moved from this room to another waiting room. This system works best for an orthodontic clinic. Having this screening room is ideal for explaining surgeries and signing paperwork.

Having a well established flow will also give your patients more privacy. Having separate waiting rooms can also help with any anxiety the patient will face when dealing with sensitive matters such as their health.

Another way you can establish better patient flow in your dental office space design is to install computers in all of your exam rooms. Dental hygienists and dentists can easily chart the patient’s vitals and track their dental history, eliminating any awkward back and forth your staff may be partaking in.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

You also want to create a comfortable environment for your staff. This can affect everything regarding your dental office space design. It affects what kind of furniture you should buy mainly. Think about how long your receptionist will be sitting all day, therefore invest in comfortable and sturdy chairs that will last you years.

Playing music in the office is another way you can create that soothing ambiance. Add small speakers around the main waiting rooms for the best effect.

Creating a soothing environment by following these steps is one of the best ways to show your patients that you care about their wellbeing. Being in the dentist can be nerve-racking for many people, therefore, take these precautions and tips when you can.

Upgrade All Standard Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms can be dull, so make these spaces an opportunity to teach your patients about the wonders of teeth and dental hygiene. You can place posters with valuable information on them. This tip will keep the patients entertained, but it will also make the long wait more bearable!

Your waiting room is also a reflection of your business as a whole. Don’t neglect this part when creating dental office space design.

Choosing Your Location

If your clinic is still in its beginning stages, ensure you select a location that is visible and easy to get to. There’s nothing worse than opening up a dental clinic and soon finding out that your patients re struggling to find your main office. This is also a terrible move for business.

When looking for the perfect location for your dental office space design, ensure you pick a building with a commercial elevator too.

They are functional and will assist patients who may not be able to use the stairs!

Additionally, ensure that you’re not too close to any local competition. This may cause the clinic to tank, as it can be harder to get patients to convert from one family dentist to another one. Usually, people are most comfortable with a doctor they already know. They don’t want to experience the hassle of moving their files over or building a new doctor relationship. When scouting the area, this factor should be at the top of your list.

Also consider the outdoor signage. Where will your logo be placed? Will it be in view or hidden behind other buildings and signs?

Creating a Kid Friendly Office

If you have many patients who are children, think about what you can do as far as child care. You want the dental office design space to also be kid friendly. This step can help prevent meltdowns, which are quite common when a child is impatient, tired, or scared.

Add Kid Friendly Magazines

You can add fashion magazines and home improvement magazines for the adults. But what are you setting out for the children? Kids as young as three can read, so ensure you have fun books and magazines for the younger patients too!

Add wildlife magazines or activity workbooks for them. You can also set up a few board games they can enjoy while waiting with their parents.

Add a Prize Box

Often, children are simple to please. If you want to make a small modification to your dental office space design, consider adding a prize box to reward them for being great patients! You can add cheap toys or allergen-friendly candy to please the little ones.

Play Station

You can also add a play station to the office if you want to create a well-designed and kid friendly space. Add a toy race car track or a dollhouse — basically add anything that you think will help keep the kiddos at ease while they’re waiting with their parents for their teeth cleaning appointment.

Ensure the Basics Are Taken Care Of Too

While creating a space-efficient layout is optimal, you should also ensure your building’s basics are also being met.

Plumbing Solutions

Make sure there is a nearby plumber. In case there is an emergency related to the pipes, you want to ensure that there is a professional on standby nearby.

Disinfect all Surfaces Properly

Look into commercial disinfection if you want your dental office space design to stand out above the rest. Sure, a well-designed office is going to draw people in. But, a well sanitized and clean office will make your patients trust you more. Imagine, if you can’t keep an office clean, how are you going to keep their teeth and mouths clean?

Dust Every Day

Ask the staff to dust certain areas that are prone to dirt and grime. They can accomplish this during their lunch break, or whenever work is slow. This is another way you can ensure the office looks spotless and that your dental office space design looks impeccable.

Choose the Right Dental Care Accessories to Make Your Clinic Stand Out

Don’t underestimate your patients as they can tell when you are using high quality grade accessories to clean their teeth. The proof is in their smiles, and if they walk out of your office feeling fresh and confident, you know that you have done your job to the best of your abilities. Therefore, ensure you’re using the right equipment for your dental office space design.

Your space should look nice, but it should also function well.

Dental Chair Accessories

Selecting the right dental chair accessories for the office can make cleaning teeth more simple. Choose surfaces with non-porous material.

Clean the Bathrooms Regularly

While this has nothing to do with the design, it has everything to do with creating a comfortable space for your clients and patients. The office should be maintained, even after you can installed and placed all the fancy bells and whistled. Patients won’t care that you have fast tablet check in. They won’t care what colors the walls are — not if the clinic isn’t clean. One of the places that this matters the most is in the bathroom.


Orthodontists and dentists should put a lot of thought into dental office space design. This can affect the patient’s overall experience. It can also make the medical professional’s job much easier, as a well organized office is typically free from clutter. It also makes for a more professional and inviting place to work! If you have just opened up your own clinic, or wish to give your current space a makeover, consider implementing these tips and ideas.

You’ll find that they will make a world of difference so you can focus on what truly matters within your practice — creating happy patients and healthy smiles!


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