Do You Suffer From Dentist Dread? Finally Discover Sedation Dentistry

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Millions of Americans dread visiting their local dentist, even if they’re only going in for a routine teeth cleaning. But for some patients, the fear and anxiety they feel when going to the dentist makes it virtually impossible to receive a high level of care. And for those with extremely high anxiety, a painful tooth ache might be better than a quick visit to the dentist. That’s why more and more Americans are wondering, “What is sedation dentistry?”

If you suffer from a mental illness, high levels of anxiety, or even if you have an uncontrollable gag reflex, a sedation dentist may be the solution you need.

So what is sedation dentistry?

There are various methods and levels of sedation in dentistry, but it’s exactly what it sounds like. A dentist provides some form of sedative medication, which helps the patient relax and get through the dental procedures they need without excruciating anxiety, stress, and fear.

Some patients only require a very low level of sedation, and so their dentist provides an oral medication prior to the procedure. In oral sedation dentistry, the patient will still be awake and responsive during the appointment, but much more relaxed. This is known as minimal sedation.

Other patients require moderate sedation, deep sedation, or even general anesthesia that will make them totally unconscious throughout their visit. Moderate and deep sedation can include many different types of medications and routes of administration. You’re probably familiar with “laughing gas,” or nitrous oxide combined with oxygen, which is used to relax patients and bring them to the edge of consciousness. In other cases, the sedation dentist will provide intravenous medications.

So what is sedation dentistry? The answer to many people’s prayers. Although not every family dentist or local dentist in town might offer the kind of sedation dentistry you’re looking for, this practice has become widespread across the country. Remember: most people dread going to the dentist; sedation dentistry is meant for people with severe anxiety.

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