Easing Children’s Fear of the Dentist

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Family dentistry is important in the care of your family members. However, many Americans still refrain from visiting their dentist. Many do not even have a regular dentist, because they do not visit one enough. Poor dental health can lead to poor overall health. Children who do not receive dental guidance in their early years do not ever learn to care for their teeth. Crooked and broken teeth can cause tremendous amounts of pain and can cause infections to occur. How can you stop the trend of ignoring the dentist in your family and create a routine of good dental health?

Make a big deal out of your child?s first dental visit. If you put off your child?s first dental visit, they are likely to experience more anxiety. If you show them that you are worried about their first visit, they will follow in your worry. Although you should not make a big deal in the sense of being anxious, you should reward them for their first visit. This can include a favorite cooked meal or a present. You can continue to award them for clean family dentist visits, good records of cleanings and no cavities, for example.

Allow them to come to your dental visits. Many adults have anxiety and worry when it comes to the dentist. However, getting regular cleanings and checkups with your child nearby can show them that they have nothing to worry about. They can become familiar with the dental technologies and they can ask a dentist any questions they have, prior to coming in for their first family dentist visit.

Practice good oral hygiene at home. Good oral hygiene should always begin at home. Although regular visits and cleanings are important, they are pointless if the child is not practicing good oral hygiene in between visits. Ensure that your child is brushing and that they are brushing properly. Ensuring proper brushing techniques will prevent the amount of cavities and dental problems that the child will occur, which can be scary and even somewhat painful for some children.

Have a 24 hour dentist on call, for any emergencies. Dental emergencies can, and do, occur. Children tend to play rough and may participate in sports that put the teeth at risk. If the child experiences a broken or missing tooth after the family dentist office hours, it can be helpful to have the contact information of a 24 hours dentist. Your family dentist may even have a way to contact them for after hour emergencies. 75% of people feel an unattractive smile could potentially harm their chance for career success. Not correcting a broken or missing tooth immediately can make it more difficult to ever correct it.

Inform your older child about other dental procedures. It is possible, even with the best dental care, that your child will require additional dental treatments. The teeth sometimes do not grow as they should, requiring braces. Sometimes spaces can form, causing discomfort and other problems. Dental implants or types of bonding may be needed. There are many techniques and options to treat teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen, or missing. The more familiar they are with them, the less anxiety they will have around the procedures.

Choose a great family dentist that you and your children are comfortable with. A good dentist can make the difference between a good and a bad family dental experience. Dentist reviews can be helpful in choosing your new family dentist. You should also inquire into reviews as to how the possible family dentist is with children. Some offices may offer calming techniques for those who are afraid of the dentist office, as well.

Too many Americans avoid the family dentist. Yet according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, virtually all Americans (99.7%) believe a smile is an important social asset. Many people?s fear of the dentist stems from a lack of dental visits as a child. Introducing your child to the dentist early on can really ease their fear and may make regular dental visits a routine for them. They will not be afraid when they have to visit their dentist for a dental procedure.

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