Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dentists and Kids

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There are so many things that parents want to know about dental care for their children from how to find a local dentist for kids to what happens if a kid gets a cavity. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I get my kids to brush their teeth?
You can make a game out of it. If there is a winner, you could even award a prize for the best brushed teeth. Competitions are good to. Kids can tend to be quite competitive with their siblings so this is a great way to get them to brush well. If your kids are too young for competitions or games, you could download an app on your smart phone that will encourage them to brush. There are some that have an animal that they have to feed and train and brush their teeth. Or there are some that sing songs about brushing while the child is supposed to be doing just that. You could also ask your dentist for kids for ideas.

What characteristics should I look for in a dentist for kids?
A dentist for kids should be kind, approachable and warm. Look to your kids themselves for indicators. They are the ones that need to be able to get along with the dentist. If they really aren’t into a particular person then there is probably a reason for it. A pediatric dentist should also explain things clearly in a way that the children can understand. The dentist office is scary enough, there’s no reason to use big words that will frighten the kids because they don’t get it.

How can I prepare my kids to go to a dentist appointment?
There are various things you can do, it just depends on the age of your children and what they are into. You could play games like role playing where either you or the child are the dentist. Take advantage of those games to actually brush your children’s teeth! You could also show them pictures and videos of dentist’s offices so they know what to expect. There are plenty of them online. Talking prepare the older ones. Let them know what to expect but also reassure them that you are going to be there the whole time.

How soon should I take my kids to the dentist?
You can take your kids for their first dentist visit as soon as their first teeth pop through if you want to. However, it’s not necessary. It’s recommended to start taking your children to see the dentist around their first birthday. You should then continue the visits every six months after that.

How soon should I start brushing my kids’ teeth?
You can actually begin immediately. Wiping their gums with a clean, damp cloth to get rid of the milk when they are just infants is a great way to establish good dental hygiene habits. It’s also good for the gums not to have the milk sit on them for too long after eating.

When can we find out if my kid will need braces?
You won’t be able to tell if your kids will need braces or teeth pulled until they are about 10 or 11 and they have their adult teeth. It’s perfectly normal and actually a good thing for baby teeth to be a little spaced out. This means that there will be room for the adult teeth without over crowding. Adult teeth are larger than baby teeth so there needs to be enough room in the mouth for them.

Which type of toothpaste should I get for my kids?
You’ll need to make sure that the toothpaste as the seal of acceptance from the American Dental Association. Next, if your kids are over three years old, then you’ll want a toothpaste that contains fluoride. If they are younger than three then water and soft brush will work. Lastly, make sure that the toothpaste tastes good. Many children don’t like brushing their teeth simply because they don’t like the taste of the tooth paste. Getting a good tasting tooth paste will eliminate that problem and encourage kids to brush often. You’ll just have to worry about stopping them from eating all the toothpaste!

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