Four Facts About Dental Hygiene That May Shock You

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When we think of global health concerns, we usually think of so-called pandemics sensationalized by the media like the bird flu, swine flu and mad cow disease. However, one global epidemic beats them all in terms of people affected: tooth decay. Nearly 100% of people worldwide have at least one dental cavity. It’s safe to say that tooth decay is one of the most widespread global health issues today.

Here are four facts about dental hygiene around the world that may shock you:

1. Dental decay is the most common disease that affects children worldwide: In the U.S. alone, only 1.5% of 1-year-olds have visited the dentist, which puts them at risk for tooth decay early in life. Schoolchildren lose more than 51 million hours in the classroom each year because of dental-related illnesses.

2. Tooth decay plagues developed nations as much as it plagues undeveloped nations: Even in industrialized countries with the best dentists, treatment for dental disease is the fourth-most expensive disease to treat. Many people lack adequate access to basic dental care worldwide, no matter how developed their country is.

3. Cosmetic dentistry can help reverse extreme instances of tooth decay: If an individual’s teeth have decayed to the point of falling out, emergency dental services like dental implant procedures can be performed by the best dentists to implant natural-looking prosthetic teeth. However, dental implant costs from the best dentists can be incredibly pricey and not a viable option for people in developing nations.

4. Tooth decay is easily preventable: By brushing and flossing your teeth daily and making regular visits to the best dentist for teeth cleanings and checkups in your area, preventing tooth decay can be easy and inexpensive, especially when compared to the costs of visiting one of the best dentists for treating dental decay.

You could visit the best dentist in the world and you would still need to take preventative steps toward avoiding tooth decay. Making sure you and your children have access to care from the best dentists is an integral part in maintaining your dental health and overall health. Helpful sites.

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