Three Ways to Get a Better Smile

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Did you know that about 50% of Americans were toothless a century ago? However, thanks to advancements in dentistry, individuals are now easily able to get noticeably better teeth. This is often accomplished through cosmetic dental procedures, which are used to improve the appearance of teeth. There are several cosmetic procedures available, and each one can give you a better smile.

1. Dental implants. Although dentures, which have been made from human teeth, porcelain, and acrylic resin over the years, are a traditional form of tooth replacement, dental implants are a more permanent solution to tooth loss. Dental implants are metal devices that are inserted directly into the jawbone, and they are able to support tooth-like crowns. However, the cost of dental implants varies depending on the dentist you choose, so it is important to consult dentist ratings to discover the right option for you.

2. Mini dental implants. Dental mini implants are similar to traditional implants, but they are only about half the size. In fact, mini dental implants are only 1.8-2.9mm in diameter, which means they can fit into smaller sections of the mouth. Additionally, since mini dental implants are smaller, both the procedure and healing time are significantly reduced. However, due to their size, mini dental implants are not as resilient as traditional implants, so they are often used to support partials and bridges.

3. Teeth whitening. This is the most common cosmetic dental procedure in the United States. In fact, $1.4 billion is spent on teeth whitening each year in the United States. This is because professional teeth whitening is often performed using peroxide-based chemistry, which uses oxidation to make teeth several shades whiter. As a result, professional teeth whitening is one of the most effective ways to brighten teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is an effective way to get a more attractive smile because there are several helpful procedures available. Dental implants, mini dental implants, and teeth whitening, for example, are all beneficial in their own ways. By consulting dentist ratings to find the best dentist, you will finally be able to get the smile you have always wanted. Refernce materials.

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