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Are you about to get braces? There are many useful tips to remember when you’re planning on visiting your orthodontist. College Station residents who are getting this procedure should consider how to care for their braces, which foods to eat and which foods to avoid, as well as which physical activities are permissible.

Invisalign, or invisible braces, are an increasingly popular option. College Station invisalign procedures are available, but before you go to get your braces, here are suggestions to ensure getting your braces in college station is as comfortable and free of stress as possible.

After first getting your braces, soreness in your teeth and motuh are normal and to be expected. To alleviate some of the discomfort, you may gargle saltwater for a couple of minutes (one teaspoon of salt per eight ounce glass of lukewarm water). Taking a pain reliever is another option. When working with orthodontics college station residents can also obtain wax from the orthodontist to apply on tender lips and gums.

College Station Invisalign patients may experience a normal loosening of the teeth. If braces’ wires and bands become loose, you should contact the orthodontist’s office immediately so that they can check and repair any damaged equipment. In the meantime, the wire can be put back into place temporarily using the back of a spoon or a pencil’s eraser end.

Immediately after getting their braces, College Station Invisalign patients should stick to softer foods. Breads such as pancakes and soft tortillas, grains including soft cooked rice and pasta, and dairy products like pudding, soft cheeses, and milk are all great options. Salmon, tuna, mashed potatoes,beans, steamed spinach, applesauce, Jello, bananas, and fruit juice are also solid choices.

Popcorn, chips, ice and other crunchy foods must be avoided. Even bagels, apples and carrots are a bad idea with braces. Corn on the cob, nuts, chewing gum, hard candy and other crunchy, sticky or chewy foods are also to be skipped.

Athletes with braces can participate in their normal activities, but a mouth guard is highly suggested for protection. If teeth are loosened or the braces are damaged during athletic activity, you should contact your orthodonist immediately.