How Do Dentists Treat Cavities?

When your dentist needs to fill a cavity, there are several things that need to happen. While getting a cavity might not seem like an interesting procedure, the truth is that there’s a lot going on while your dentist helps you achieve a healthier smile. Here’s what goes on while your dentist is filling your cavities.

First, they will need to administer a local anesthetic above the tooth that needs a filling. This anesthetic will typically come in the form of a gel that your dentist will place on a cotton swab and then in your mouth on the gums above the tooth in question.

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Once that has settles for a few minutes, you’ll need an injection of another anesthetic — usually novocaine.

After you’ve been sufficiently numbed up, your dentist will begin removing the decay from your tooth. This will involve drilling a hole in your tooth and scraping out any decayed matter from within. After all of the decay has been removed from your tooth, it will be time to fill it. Fortunately, fillings these days are typically indistinguishable from the tooth itself. The filling will then be cured with a UV light and filed down to match the shape of your original tooth.


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