In the Case of Missing Teeth, Getting Dental Implants May Be Best

A dental implant is a device that mimics a real tooth and is put in place of a missing tooth. Replacing a missing tooth greatly improves a person’s oral hygiene and confidence, which is one of the advantages of implants. Other benefits include better chewing ability, keeping neighboring teeth stable, and preventing the jawbone from shrinking.

For a dental implant, certain conditions must be met. The person should have healthy gums and adequate jawbone to support the implants. Adding bone for dental implants is known as a bone graft. This adds volume where bone loss has occurred. Adding bone to gums or adding bone to the jaw for implants is necessary so it can securely and steadily hold the dental implants.

Dentists will suggest a bone graft if the bone is not dense, deep, or wide enough to hold the implant. Significant bone loss occurs when a tooth is missing, thus making it necessary for a graft.

Your dentist will take x-rays and scans, take models of your teeth and jaws, and advise you if you qualify for dental implants. You will be advised on the best option to take and accordingly, a treatment plan will be made.

Dental cosmetic surgery cost

Have you been uncomfortable with the way your teeth look and function? Perhaps missing teeth have made your smile unsightly in your opinion. If this is the case, going to a cosmetic dental office to pursue cosmetic dental implants may make the most sense.

But what do these kind of cosmetic dental surgery entail? A root made from titanium is installed in the jaw line and gum. On top of that is placed an abutment, which holds the porcelain crown in place. This crown looks and feels much like an authentic tooth.

And when compared to dentures, implants tend to last over the course of one’s lifetime through proper maintenance and do not require as much intensive care. Of course, you may find that comparing dentures prices with those of dental implants will likely be a factor that you’ll have to consider.

There are of course other procedure one can get when visiting a cosmetic dentist. They include dental veneers, which are placed over existing teeth when they are chipped. Teeth whitening products are also options.

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