What Kind of Cosmetic Dental Work Do You Need? Here’s a Handy Guide

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Is your smile causing your social life to suffer? Almost all Americans consider a smile an important social asset, but having discolored, crooked, missing, or chipped teeth can be a detriment to the quality of that smile. If you want to change the appearance of your teeth, however, there is a solution: visiting on of the cosmetic dental practices in your area for cosmetic dental work.

Cosmetic dental treatments are any treatments that restore looks (and sometimes functionality) to your teeth. There are several things that cosmetic dental work can do for you, and each treatment, whether used alone or combined with another, can have great effects on your smile.

Want to know more about what cosmetic dentists in your area can do for you? Here are some of the things that it does.

Cosmetic dental work can…

    1. Brighten your smile: Teeth whitening is by far the most popular cosmetic dental treatment. Although it can be done using over-the-counter whitening kits, in-office whitening can have quicker and longer lasting effects. Porcelain veneers (which are a thin layer of dental porcelain over the fronts of teeth) are another method for whitening teeth. They can also be used to restore shape, too.

    2. Straighten your teeth: Fixing crooked teeth used to be uncomfortable and unsightly metal braces. However, today’s braces can also be more discreet and “invisible.” By using clear plastic molds to reshape your smile, your teeth can be straightened over time without everyone knowing that you have braces.

    3. Restore your tooth shape: Veneers can both whiten teeth and change their shape, so teeth that are chipped or unevenly spaced or shaped can look more uniform. Another way to correct misshapen or chipped teeth are to use crowns on them. This method applies the same kind of material that’s used in tooth-colored fillings to restore the shape of teeth.

    4. Replace missing teeth: Dentures were the only option before, but today dental implants are another form of cosmetic dentistry that are growing in popularity. These implants are inserted into the jawbone to provide a permanent and realistic replacement for teeth. When cared for properly, these implants can last a lifetime. Mini dental implants are available for those who have lower bone density or those who are uninterested in more invasive cosmetic dental surgery.

Want more information on cosmetic dental procedures? Be sure to visit your local cosmetic dentist for a consultation. You can also leave a comment below with your concerns. Great references here.

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