Professional Dental Cleanings Keeping What Nature Gave You

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Celebrities tend to get a lot of press when they get have cosmetic work done, and cosmetic dentistry is no exception. “So-and-so’s teeth are straighter than they were on the red carpet.” Or “Didn’t such-and-such have three missing teeth last week?” The bluster can get to be so much that we mere mortals can tend to forget that there’s anything other than cosmetic dentistry.

The ironic thing is, if we, as poor non-celebrity types, keep up with our regular professional dental cleanings, we can avoid the future need for cosmetic dentistry, especially restorative procedures that fix teeth damaged by disease and neglect. Take that, Hollywood!

Regular dental cleanings ensure that your teeth are coated with the best, most effective, most state-of-the-art material on the market today to keep them healthy, strong, and functional — your natural enamel. That’s right, dental science has yet to outdo nature when it comes to the best stuff to coat your teeth with. Turns out that what we got is what we should have.

And you don’t even need an expensive, exclusive “dentist to the stars” in order to secure this wondrous material. Something so basic as a family dentist can be enough to give you the dental edge over those celebrity elites who shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars on their teeth.

Of course, you also should have a Personalized Home Care Kit to get the full effect — that is, a toothbrush and some dental floss. With just a little elbow grease, you can polish your enamel to a high gloss, suitable for award shows and tabloid close-ups. Sure, celebrities probably pay someone to brush and floss their teeth for them, but that’s just another way you’re smarter than a celebrity! And thriftier!

Finally, when the apocalypse happens, survival abilities will become the only currency that matters. Do you want to be some formerly-famous movie star with a mouthful of brittle veneers, or do you want to be tearing into your pavement-dried pemmican with the very same teeth that served you well before the world ended? The choice is yours. Helpful links: Family dentist kirkland

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