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When you are on the quest to find a dentist or dental clinic, one factor to consider is if they will you see you for an emergency dentist appointment. And if you have kids, when seeking the right general dentist office, also consider whether or not they act as a emergency pediatric dentist.

If you have children, maintaing their dental health is imperative, given 60…90% of school children currently have untreated dental cavities. Right now tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic childhood disease around the globe.

Meanwhile, nearly 92% of adults between 20 and 64 have at one point had dental caries in their permanent teeth. Also within this bracket, there is an average of 3.28 decayed or missing permanent teeth. Moreover, nearly 100% of adults worldwide currently have dental cavities.

With the price of dental implants being traditionally more than other forms of dental treatment, affordable dental implants are increasing in popularity. Also more general dentists are practicing cosmetic dentistry, a top reason a patient will schedule an emergency dentist appointment.

There will come a time you will have to schedule an emergency dentist appointment, be it for you or your child. Finding a local emergency dentist is an option many general dentists are starting to offer more and more. But whichever dentist you do decide on, make sure he offers all the services you will want. More:

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