Snap On Teeth May Be Your Best Bet

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It’s difficult to put your best foot forward with visible dental issues. Crooked teeth, missing teeth, stained teeth; these are all high-impact cosmetic issues that can leave you feeling self conscious and at a disadvantage when meeting new people, dating and looking for work. If you’ve been thinking about getting new teeth, you’re probably debating between various options, figuring what’s the most suitable and cost-effective option for you.
Some of the possibilities might seem too expensive or inordinately time consuming. Teeth whitening via laser can run about $1000 per visit. Braces were the go-to treatment of choice for crooked teeth, but corrective braces provide a gradual treatment and start at around $5000, not to mention the additional cost of ongoing office visits to the orthodontist.
If you’ve got gaps in your mouth, dentures and dental implants are the two common choices. Dental implant costs are still really high and usually aren’t covered by insurance. When insurance does offer assistance, it’s only for maybe one-third the cost of one implant, the total cost for which averages $4500. Bone grafting, which may be necessary as part of having implants installed, increases this cost by $2000 and lengthens the process as well.
Weighing out the above information, you may find the idea of snap-on teeth to be an attractive solution. Think of them as snapping veneers that literally snap or lock into place in front of your teeth to hide visible blemishes. The dentist would need to take xrays and impressions, then sends them out and a lab creates the veneers.
Snap on teeth are designed to look like a patient’s natural front teeth with cosmetic improvements, and they tend to run closer to the $500 – $750 range. Weighing out cosmetic dentistry prices, snap on teeth are one of the most affordable tooth procedures on the market currently and can boost your confidence in numerous scenarios when you want to look your best.
Getting new teeth is a daunting task, and if you aren’t suffering with a condition that requires you have them removed, you may decide snap on teeth are the best of all worlds.
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