Three Reasons Why Dentures Are Still Around

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If you have some less-than-pleasant thoughts when you hear the word “dentures,” it’s about time to stop associating them with those scary looking false teeth that your grandpa always had (or was supposed to have… when they weren’t sitting on the bathroom counter) or the wooden dentures that far too many poor souls suffered through, hundreds of years ago. Modern dentures are becoming increasingly popular, and there are a few compelling reasons why:

  • It’s true that dentures today are still a temporary solution for tooth loss, unlike dental implants, but modern technology allows denturists to create custom-fitted cosmetic dentures for each patient, which minimizes the discomfort of false teeth and ensures that they stay fitted in place. Denturists also recommend that patients go back to their local denture clinic for refittings every few years; your gums and jawbone naturally change shape over time, and cosmetic dentures can become uncomfortable if they stop fitting properly. Luckily, a refitting is often as simple as replacing the liners to fit the gums better.

  • Speaking of customization, many people have been pleasantly surprised with modern cosmetic dentures, simply because of how much control they have over the aesthetic appearance of their new teeth; the goal is to make the dentures look as much like your natural teeth as possible, and experienced denturists know exactly how to make this happen. Everything from the shade of white to the length of teeth can be altered, depending on personal preference.

  • And finally, the fact that dentures aren’t permanent is often beneficial — many people have weak jawbones that wouldn’t heal properly after a dental implant surgery, and other people can’t afford to pay for a whole surgery. Removable dentures are convenient because they can be fitted quickly, it’s virtually painless, and it only takes a short time for your mouth to get used to the new teeth.

So now it’s your turn to share — if you have dentures, what’s your favorite thing about them? If you’re thinking about getting dentures, what are your concerns? Be sure to share any thoughts and questions with us in the comments section! Get more info here.

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