Three Hidden Problems Resulting From Missing Teeth

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Many people think that if a tooth is simply missing, nothing bad will really happen — maybe the surrounding gum area will get a little sore, and maybe it could get difficult to eat certain foods (especially if a handful of teeth are missing), but there are actually many hidden costs that result from missing teeth that are not replaced. For example,

  • Aesthetically, you could notice a big difference when you’re missing a tooth — even if it’s not at the very front of your mouth. When a tooth isn’t in the correct place, the entire jawbone and surrounding muscles actually begin shifting to adjust for the extra space, and some people have actually noticed a drastic change in their facial features (usually not for the better) as a result of missing teeth.

  • The extra spaces left in between remaining teeth can also lead to an accumulation of food, making it more likely that you’ll suffer from more dental decay, cavities, and gum disease. Because the gums are directly exposed when a tooth is missing, there is extra stimulation on the jawbone and extra pressure on other teeth — both of which can cause your entire mouth and jaw to become misaligned and fragile.

  • Finally, it’s important to remember that your teeth are absolutely essential for your overall health, and when you’re missing certain teeth, your body has to work harder to make sure that your entire dental health stays positive. Consequently, less energy can be saved up for other health concerns. Everything from weight loss/gain to mental health concerns can be affected, for the worse, when teeth are missing.

So what’s the answer? Get some new teeth, of course!

Cosmetic dentures today are probably one of the best replacement options, being more affordable and less invasive than dental implants. Unlike the wooden dentures that existed long ago, cosmetic dentures are incredibly comfortable, are fitted at a denture clinic on an individual basis, and can be adjusted as often as necessary by any experienced denturists. There’s no reason to fear getting a new set of teeth, especially when your entire body will benefit from it!

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