What Are Dental Implants?

There are many reasons why someone would need a dental implant. As part of our dental clinic in Lincoln, NE, we see our patients get dental implants frequently. In fact, there are an estimated 3 million people in America who have dental implants, and that number grows about 500,000 more every year. So what exactly is a dental implant and why might you need one?

A majority of patients who receive a dental implant do so to replace missing teeth. And missing a few teeth isn’t all uncommon either: according to the American College of Prosthodontists, over 35 million Americans have teeth missing.

You could be missing teeth for a number of reasons, such as injury or illness, tooth removal due to an infection or tooth decay, or even due to medications, but a dental implant performed by a professional oral surgeon can be a safe and smart choice for filling in those gaps.

Dental implants are comprised of titanium metal that will over time connect to the tissue in the mouth. This process, called “osseointegration,” can take several months to a year, but once the implant successfully becomes a part of the mouth, it is permanent. The success rate of dental implants is also extremely high. According to the Journal of Oral Implantology, that success rate is about 98 percent.

There are many benefits to getting dental implants, including:

  • They are easy to care for


  • They are more comfortable than other similar treatments, such as dentures


  • It is easier to eat with dental implants


  • Dental implants can improve speech


  • Having dental implants can boost self-confidence

They will last for the rest of your life
As an oral surgeon in Lincoln, NE, we can go over the types of dental implants with you to see which option works best for you and your needs. We work with many major insurance companies and even offer special financing options so you can pay for your treatments over time.

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